Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world and it is no surprise that this metallic is a source of inspiration for our luxury wedding cake designs. Gold became a trading medium very early on in human history due in part due to its beauty and scarcity and it even gave rise to the concept of money.

The use of gold in food has been around for centuries and thinly pounded sheets of it, that is, gold leaf has been used to decorate pastries and cakes for generations.


At Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, we are known for our use of gold as an integral part of our luxury wedding cake designs.

We use edible gold leaf (it has to be 24 carats to be edible) as approved by the European Food Safety Administration. We also use liquid gold to paint our cakes to produce hues ranging from bright gold to distressed antique gold.

Gold is harmless and that is why it can be used in tooth fillings, unless of course someone has a gold allergy which is exceedingly rare. One of our most frequently asked questions is about the taste of gold. Well guess what, it is actually tasteless. But the decadence and opulence associated with the use of it,  makes it a firm favorite.

The great thing about gold as a base colour is that gold luxury wedding cakes look incredible with handmade sugarflowers in any colour, from pale pastels to dark jewel tones. Gold cake designs are very versatile and work well for summer weddings as well as autumn and winter weddings. The versatility of gold cakes also is also highlighted in our many design options including sequined gold cakes, glitter gold cakes, baroque gold cakes and crackled gold cakes.

We would like you to feast your eyes on some of our past gold luxury wedding cakes and if you would like us to design and create something unique and bespoke to you, contact us at

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