Silver is another metallic commonly used in luxury wedding cake design. A very unique metal in many ways, it’s the most reflective of metals and when used on cakes, it gives a mirror like finish.

Silver has to be extracted from ores as unlike gold, it does not occur naturally in ready made forms. Due to its malleability it can be made into thin sheets known as silver leaf and the ancient Egyptians must have known something we don’t because they valued silver more highly than gold. Used to make jewellery, tableware and figurines, silver has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and  immune support properties, and is also a water purifier.

Back to luxury wedding cakes though. Silver comes in many different tones and hues ranging from cold to warm e.g. pale blue silver and almost yellow old silver. The diversity of silver hues have enabled us to design some unique luxury wedding cakes, including having all the cake tiers covered entirely in edible silver leaf and on some cakes, using touches of edible silver paint to add glamour and elegance.

Pale pastels (especially light pinks and blues) are great complementary colours to silver wedding cakes as they bring out the metallic quality of silver. Bold jewel tones like purple, green and red also work really well with silver cakes and provide a show stopping contrast.

Sugar flowers look wonderful against a neutral silver backdrop and provide a textural contrast against the smooth cake surface. Baroque or rococo detailing in silver is also an excellent way to incorporate this metallic onto a white luxury wedding cake.  You may prefer a more sparing use of the metallic and in that case,  painting the occasional sugar leaf or bas relief detail also works.

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